Module 2A

Review and Practicum:

Cervico-thoracic Spine, Thorax, Shoulder, and Tempero-mandibular Joint:

April 5, 2015

9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (16 CEUs pending)

at 200 7th Ave., Santa Cruz CA


Course Content:

Practicum/review modules will focus on areas of particular technical challenge, and provide an opportunity for presentation, treatment demonstration and discussion of challenging cases. The goal of the practicum/review modules is to apply, re-inforce and expand upon the material covered in the previous didactic module.

Note: Practicum/Review modules are open only to participants who have completed the prior associated didactic module.


Cervico-thoracic spine review:

  • Spinal AROM, upper extremity reflex and motor exam

  • Trigger point needling and manual therapies for cervico-thoracic musculature


Shoulder girdle review:

  • AROM/PROM, joint-play/end feel testing for acromio-clavicular, gleno-humeral, and sterno-costal joints

  • Muscle strength testing for the shoulder girdle

  • Gleno-humeral, acromio-clavicular, sterno-costal joint stabilization needling

  • Manual and exercise therapies and taping for the shoulder girdle


Case presentation/treatment demonstration and discussion:

  • Cervico-thoracic spine and thorax

  • Shoulder girdle

  • Combined cervico-thoracic spine and shoulder girdle